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Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hey folks,

You all get dreams, Even I do. :P thats ob.
But apparently till yesterday, I never had something called "A Dream Girl", Until now i saw only people whom i already knew.
She was really damn beautiful B-). More beautiful than the most beautiful girl (My younger sis) I have seen till date in reality. She was 5' 3". had a long thick hair till hips. She was dressed in traditional white set saare. And her smile. My goodness. SO damn attractive

I cant remember exact situation or location but as far as i can trace through my imaginary locations I guess it was in Trivandrum. (I went there only once though :P) In the dream i met her first time... but some how i felt as if I knew her from long back and she behaved as if she knew me very well and knows that I like her. I was just staring at her for a long time trying to think of some conversation... I just gave it a start.. "So you are a malayali?" she said with a cute attractive smile "Yes" Damn! My dream is coming true (I didnt know i was dreaming :P) "Whats your name?" "I will tell you later" "but why? :("

" I asked her where were you from" "she said with the same smile (someplace which i dont remember) " That place sounded something where I have been to :O. There was something she was hiding from me. Her smile meant she knew me very well. It was as if we met each other. Where have i seen her.

Then suddenly a guy who looks like some 16-17 yr old comes and proposes to her and she replied with pity for him on her face"Vivek (just took some name I dont remember what name she took) I already said No. Please leave me." I felt like hitting that guy.. but looking at her face i felt like there is something that i had to know about him. Some how she manages to send him off.. but then suddenly i saw few people chasing for some one. Then i felt a jerk. she started pulling me and asking me to run. When i saw her face she was scared. She was crying :(. I thought there was really a lot of things i needed to know..
and then i woke up.. OK the second half was slightly filmy.. but i did see my dream girl. She was really the girl i always wanted. She was beautiful and smart with sexy figure. She had a right amount of attitude. she gave importance to traditional values.
Hope i would find her soon......... :) B-)

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