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Thursday, 12 July 2012

An Hour in a Bus Stand!

That is definitely a weird title, I agree. And I couldnt wait for my college to start to post this, actually my memory isnt that great. So yeah am posting it right now!

A boy, with a whitish brown complexion, in black jeans with a bluish green shirt got down from a bus at Bus stand, which happens to be in Thrissur. He then called his cousin for a confirmation to get to her house. And she wasnt home.

The call which had to be made before the journey started was made after the journey ended and this boy had nothing else to do but 2 hours to spend before his class started. He wandered around on the roads, of which he got bored after sometime and then saw a building with NIIT written on top of it. He entered in, atleast there would be some air conditioning inside.

He sat there for 10 minutes and then moved to an enquiry counter to ask for the course details for CDS and C++. And the executive there did not receive his paycheck that month, so he was after this boy for earning his food! Alas, this boy had nothing but a bag with a notebook and a pen. So he decided to stopby the next day which he didnt btw ;).

Half an hour passed and he started off with his stroll under the midday sun. He found a bus stop. And thought , " Its wiser to sit here than going about on the roads with nothing to do." So he sat there.

Then a beautiful lady (or a girl :D whoever it is) passed by. He saw his co-bus stop sitter's heads turn a 120 degree angle gradually as she moved from this end to that. This boy however had a wide view range, so he did not have the need to turn his head ;)!

Then came the interesting part in his day. A young man of around 20-25 years of age came to this stop and suddenly stood on the seat. He then turned towards a small case and opened it. He then unscrewed the metre, fuse and an electronic gadget which were in that case and pocketed them and closed the case and went away! I didnt know fuses were also distributed for free in bus stands like Rice in ration shops ( rendu rupayala biyyam ;)).

Anyway that's a glimpse of how this boy is spending his holidays. In busstands, in air conditioned NIIT's and in his Sir's residence eating the best of delicacies!

And I am very shameful to say that this boy is ME!

After all the crap, I leave you with some pics that I took on my way back from Vizag recently!

The final image is of a fan in my home . That's a pic I took switching off all lights. My opinion of Nokia's flash changed - its good enough ;)!

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